The March are a group of Dark Knights covered in black cloaks and armour, nothing from their body is visible, they do not talk nor negotiate, and none has been able to stop them yet. They travel by foot and wield giants two-handed swords that are twice their length.

They spawn in a cloud of black smoke at a certain location, and begin marching to another, destroying all life in their path, burning down villages and killing most types of creatures.

It is not known whether both the locations they spawn at and march to are random or predefined.

No known method could prevent them from reaching their destination, armies facing them fall and walls standing in their way crumble, and no one member of them was ever killed.

When they reach their destination, they disappear in the manner they appeared.

It is thought that they are not of any known race, that they could not die, and that they are associated with the Keeper of death, Xarses.