The Knight Enforcers are a group of Human Knights, gathered from every kingdom. They are trained to forget their loyalties and alignments, Unite as a one body, and fight against any type of threat, be it Warrior, Mage, or Monster.

They have quite high resistance to magic and witchery, are adept at nulling Magic, and Hunt stray Mages and Witches as their main duty.

They are established by, and serve, The Counsel of Elderaine, a group dedicated to supervising the magical energies and artifacts on the continent of Thaedal. Their Ultimate loyalty lies with The Counsel, and The Counsel's loyalty, or should we say "Obedience", lies with The Emperor and King Venran of Calivern.

Normally those two would be guarded by their own guards while The Knight Enforcers upheld their main duty of hunting down stray mages and dangerous witches, and collecting any significant Artifacts they find.

In times of Conflict, they are dispatched to aid in restoring order and peace, giving the lives of The Emperor and King Venran ultimate priority.

The Knight Enforcers were able to prevent oppositions from certain factions in the empire and assassination attempts of The Emperor by Calivernian agents in the past, gaining his ultimate trust and inevitably forcing him to rely on them in the past, which led him to make considerable donations to the advancement of The Counsel, and allow them certain privileges.

After The Late Emperor's death and his daughter taking the throne, The Counsel and The Knight Enforcers were denied their previous privileges and further donations, which led to less active supervision and ultimately, the assassination of the Empress.

The Common Soldiers wear polished silver armour with teal undergarments, along with bracers, boots, and standard helmets, covering the entirety of their bodies. They wield Long silver swords as their main weapons. They are also equipped with crossbows, and oils effective against different types of opponents.

The Squad Captains differ from Soldiers by wearing distinctive carved helmets and shoulder blades. Their undergarments include coattails. They wield two handed silver swords as their main weapons. They are also equipped with long crossbows, a silver short sword, a pair of slim blades hidden in their bracers, oils effective against different types of foes, sand mall bombs with medium radius.

The Organizers differ from Captains by wearing Polished heavy silver armor, along with heavy bracers and boots, scaled carved helmets and shoulder blades, short thick skirts and capes. They wield two-handed steel swords with silver blades as their main weapons. Along with the previous, they are equipped with magical scrolls for different usages and every piece of armor they wear is enchanted to boost defense. They are also accompanied by a tamed creature of choice.

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